Thursday, August 27, 2015


Welcome to WAX CANDY... soon to be prominent home of the lesser known and obscure, audibly irresistible nonetheless.

Like visual art, musical tastes are exteremly subjective. What is critically praised from one end, can be maliciously torn to pieces on another. And in some cases, some things fall completely off the radar, but picked up by those who notice something redeeming and worth praising. Example, Velvet Underground & Nico's 1967 self-titled release, largely ignored by critics and the public upon release. However, it was the power of "word of mouth" that brought this record to the forefront, praised and acknowledge by (aspiring) bands. Allow me to illustrate with an excerpt from

"It was not until a decade later that the album started to receive almost unanimous praise by numerous rock critics, many of whom made particular note of its influence in modern rock music. Robert Christgau in his 1977 retrospective review of 1967 said "it never stops getting better".[22] In The Encyclopedia of Popular Music (1998), Colin Larkin called it a "powerful collection" that "introduced Reed's decidedly urban infatuations, a fascination for street culture and amorality bordering on voyeurism."[23] In April 2003, Spin led their "Top Fifteen Most Influential Albums of All Time" list with the album.[28] On November 12, 2000, NPR included it in their "NPR 100" series of "the most important American musical works of the 20th century".[29] Rolling Stone placed it at number 13 on their list of the 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time in November 2003 calling it the most prophetic rock album ever made."

So, perhaps the objective of this blog is to revisit not the "know" classics, but those records that are "lesser know", records (albums) that exude an infectiously indomitable quality that will make one consistently flip sides, repeat tracks and/or potentially bring a little more joy to someone's life and possibly inspire :)


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